I have been inspired.

Over the past few months I have met and connected with a number of inspirational educators.  They are doing amazing things with students and teachers and are sharing their practice and ideas via social media.

Initially the connections with these amazing educators was on Twitter, and now I have been lucky enough to meet some of these people in real life.

So here it is… the start of my blog.  To help me learn, to share what I learn and to connect with others… To turn the inspiration into awesome learning experiences for myself, my students and maybe others…

Short and sweet.


4 responses to “Inspired…

  1. It is great that you are jumping in! I saw a tweet from @budtheteacher yesterday that really resonated with me:

    “Actually, don’t blog for audience at all. Write for you. It might be useful for someone else. But that’s just a bonus. #edchat”

    Then I saw another one from@mbteach that was also pretty powerful:

    “This has probably been said, but I find the act of writing down my thoughts forces me to figure out what I think #edchat”

    Use this space to reflect and learn. Don’t worry about how many people are reading it, or who you are writing for, etc. Just reflect openly and the rest will take care of itself. Through sharing your learning, probably someone else will benefit, but in reality, you will surely benefit if you stay consistent.

    Congratulations and enjoy the process 🙂


  2. You’ve taken the first, and hardest, step. I did 7 posts my first year but I kept at it. 10 the 2nd year. And, last year I wrote 54. I’ll do one post and suddenly 3 weeks go by and I feel a little guilty. Then I’ll get on a roll and do 2 a week for a while. Just go with what feels natural and don’t put extra pressure on yourself. Invite comments, put your URL out there for others to see, and soon you’ll find that – “my gosh, someone actually read it and left a comment!” Have fun.

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